Daisy and Donald Duck in Walt Disney’s Cured Duck (1945)

Barbie party - “Toy Story 2” (1999)

Casper The Friendly Ghost meets a cute girl ghost at a Halloween party in “To Boo Or Not To Boo” (1951)

Greta Garbo loves Mickey Mouse in “Mickey’s Gala Premiere” (1933)

Constance Talmadge and her ridiculously cute face in “East Is West” (1922)  dir. by Sydney Franklin

This was considered a lost film for decades until a copy was found in the Netherlands in 2005. It has been restored although about 13 minutes of it were damaged beyond restoration, the gaps have been filled in with explanatory title cards.

Daisy Duck falls in love at first sight in "Donald’s Diary"  (1954)

Walt Disney’s “Mickey Steps Out” (1931)

Huey, Dewey and Louie will *not* be going on Donald and Daisy’s honeymoon - "Donald’s Diary" (1954) - Walt Disney


Harold is very confused about animal species - "Among Those Present" (1921)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse in “The Wayward Canary” (1932)

Casper The Friendly Ghost goes job hunting at the Ghost Employment Agency in “Spunky Skunky” (1952)

Betty Boop in “Betty In Blunderland” (1934)

Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston

Hot Water (1924)

Tom and Jerry and Toots in “Springtime For Thomas” (1946)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Walt Disney’s “Ye Olden Days” (1933)