Mickey Mouse removes his ears at the opera with Minnie Mouse in "Bad Ear Day" (2013)

Mildred Davis blows Harold Lloyd kisses in "Never Weaken" (1921)

Alternate ending to The Adventures of Robin Hood,1938.


 There’s a philosophy in The Wizard of Oz that speaks to all of us. Everyone has a heart, a brain and courage. If used properly, they lead to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The gold when found, is those people who love you.

— Ray Bolger

Minnie gets flowers from Mickey Mouse in “Mickey’s Surprise Party” (1939) - Walt Disney

Pola Negri c. 1920’s

Pola Negri c. 1920’s


top 20 disney sceneries (according to my followers)  ➺ {#19} The Aristocats, 1970


Swing Time (1936)

Mickey and Minnie Mouse tickle the ivories in "Puppy Love" (1933) - Walt Disney

The Quiet Man — John Ford1952 

Betty Boop is smitten in “There’s Something About A Soldier” (1934)

Betty Boop is smitten in “There’s Something About A Soldier” (1934)

We each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it’s not easy. 

"Kiki’s Delivery Service" (1989)

Joan Bennett, circa 1936

Joan Bennett, circa 1936

Mickey and Minnie Mouse melt all the snow in “Yodelberg” (2013)

Buster Keaton - The Haunted House (1921)